Passwordless SSH impersonation on UNIX/Linux

For agents running on UNIX and Linux you can use passwordless SSH impersonation. Use one of the following methods:

  • Default SSH keys.

  • SSH keys with a non-default name or location.


  • SSH Protocol version 1 is not supported.
  • Passwordless SSH impersonation on Windows agents is not supported.
  • DA only reads SSH keys and is not responsible for their delivery and maintenance.

Using default SSH keys

To use default SSH keys you need:

  • A successful SSH connection using the console client without specifying an identity file.
  • SSH key default location and name without additional configurations, for example: ~/.ssh/id_rsa

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Using non-default SSH keys

To use non-default SSH keys you must specify the location and name of the keys in one of these configuration files:



Configuration file example

	IdentityFile ~/.ssh/key_file_123

where IdentityFile is the path to the secret key.


  • Only the configuration parameter IdentityFile is supported. All other parameters are ignored.
  • The value for the parameter User is taken from the impersonation settings.
  • For information about the configuration file format, enter man ssh_config in the terminal of any UNIX or Linux system that has SSH installed.
  • Hostshould be not localhost

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