Load and upgrade plugins

This topic explains how to install and upgrade plugins in Deployment Automation.

Deployment Automation includes a set of standard plugins in the server installation. Also, many additional plugins are provided for you to download and use. To view available plugins, see the Supported plugins list.

You can create custom plugins to meet your specific needs. For details, see Create custom plugins.

Load plugins

You install, or load, plugins from the Deployment Automation user interface.

Note: In Deployment Automation 6.3.3 and later, you can load only the plugins that use Groovy version 3.0.0 or later. Plugins with an old Groovy version might not run on agents 6.3.3 and later.

To load a plugin:

  1. Download a bundled zip file with the DA plugins from the Deployment Automation support page. Extract the individual plugin zip file from the bundle.

  2. In Deployment Automation, navigate to Administration > Automation.
  3. On the Plugins tab, click Load Plugin.
  4. Click Choose File and select the plugin zip file.
  5. Click Load.

After the load process completes successfully, the plugin is added to the list of plugins in Administration > Automation > Plugins and becomes available immediately.

When designing component or global processes, find the plugin in the process designer's Tools pane.

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Upgrade plugins

Keep your plugins current to take advantage of new steps, properties, and other improvements.

When you upgrade a plugin, the system automatically upgrades all processes that use plugin steps, creating a new version of each process.

If several plugin versions are available on the server, you can upgrade them only to the latest version. Incremental upgrades are not supported.

For details on how to upgrade plugins when importing data from another server, see Import replication data.

To upgrade a plugin:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Automation.

  2. On the Plugins tab, find the plugin you want to upgrade. Use Search to find plugins by name or description.

  3. Click Upgrade Usages next to the plugin and confirm the upgrade.

    The system upgrades all plugin usages and automatically creates a new version of each relevant process.

  4. (Optional) Retest the processes if needed.

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