RegExp Search Step

This step parses log files on the Deployment Automation agent side using regular expression rule matching and provides an output log file with the results.

Required properties:

Property Name Description
Include Files Specify the list of files to parse, relative to the base directory. Wildcards can be used. Specify multiple file paths as a new-line-separated list. Default value: ${p:prevStep/logPath}
Rules Specify a new-line-separated list of rules to apply to the contents of the file. The rule format is: RuleName=RegularExpression

RuleName is the name of the rule to assign to a line if the line matches the regular expression specified in RegularExpression.

For example,


will find all the lines containing the regular expression


and assign it to the rule name


Rules are applied to each log line in the order of appearance in this field.

Optional properties:

Property Name Description
Base Directory

Specify the root directory where log parsing is performed.

Exclude Files Specify the list of files to exclude from selection, relative to the base directory. Wildcards can be used. Specify multiple file paths as a new-line separated list.
Output Path Specify the file path where the resulting output will be saved. If no file is specified, the result is saved in the console output.
Group By Select the way you want the output to be grouped. Values are:
  • None
  • Group name
  • File path
Output Format

Specify the output format of each line in the output log. Special properties can be used in this field. Each special property should be specified in the following format:


Allowed properties:

  • Line
  • LineNumber
  • FileName
  • FilePath
  • GroupName
  • RegExp

Default value:

\t${FileName}:${LineNumber} - ${Line}

Fail If No Files Found

Select this to cause the step to fail if no files matching the include and exclude file filters are found in the base directory.

Default value: Not selected