Send DA ALF Event Step

This step creates and sends a Deployment Automation ALF Event to the specified SBM server.

Required properties:

Property Description
SBM URL Specify the URL where the SBM server is installed. For example: http://server:8085
Event type Select the ALF event type (type of change that caused the event). The options are:
  • StatusChanged
  • ProcessStarted
  • ProcessFinished
  • VersionDeleted
  • VersionCreated
  • SnapshotCreated
  • SnapshotModified
  • ApprovalRequired
  • ManualTaskCreated
Object type Select the Deployment Automation object type (type of object that originated the event). The options are:
  • Component
  • Application
  • StandaloneProcess
  • Agent
  • Environment

Optional properties:

Property Description
Username Specify the SBM username.
Password Specify the SBM password.
Extension Specify the data related to your request. The Deployment Automation ALF event can contain these values:
  • ApplicationID (up to 100 values)
  • ComponentIDs (up to 100 values)
  • VersionIDs
  • ProcessID
  • ComponentProcessID
  • EnvironmentID
  • ResourceID
  • RequestID
  • ComponentProcessRequestID
  • SnapshotID (up to 100 values)
  • RoleNames (up to 100 values)
  • UserNames
  • Status
Object ID Specify the Deployment Automation object ID (the ID of the application, resource, process, or other entity that caused event) if a specific value is needed. Several requests can have same object ID; for example, if they were caused by the same object. If not specified, a new UUID is generated.
Debug logs Adds debug information to logs.