WebSphere Update J2EEResourceProperty on a Config Object Step

This step is used to create or update a J2EEResourceProperty on a config object.

Required properties:

Property Name Description
Connection Type Select the Connection Type to use with wsadmin. The default value is "SOAP". Possible values are:
  • SOAP
  • RMI
  • NONE
Object Containment Path

Enter the path to the object on which to update a property. For example: /Cell:cellName/ServerCluster:clusterName/.

Note: The path must end with a "/".

Property Name Enter the name of the property you want to update.
Value Enter the value for the property.
Type Enter the type of the property.

Optional properties:

Property Name Description
Command Path The directory location of the wsadmin command-line executable. For example:
The default value is: ${p:resource/websphere.commandPath}.
User Name The username to be used to connect to the WebSphere Node. The default values is ${p:resource/websphere.user}.
Password The password to be used to connect to the WebSphere Node.
Password Script To use a script or property lookups for your password, leave the Password field blank and enter it here.
Host Hostname of the server to connect to.
Port The port to connect to.