Create pipelines

This topic describes how to create a pipeline and set up its sequence of environments.

To import a pipeline from another source, see Import and export pipelines.

Create a pipeline

You create a pipeline to run application processes in a sequence of environments.

To create a pipeline:

  1. Navigate to Management > Pipelines.
  2.  Click Create. The Create Pipeline dialog box opens.
  3. Specify the following information for the pipeline:

    Field Description
    Name Enter a name for the pipeline.
    Description (Optional) Specify additional information to indicate the purpose of the pipeline.
    Mandatory Select this option to request a process only on the first environment in the pipeline. Then you can only promote on subsequent environments. This way, you ensure that the same configuration is used for each environment in the pipeline.

    If you leave the option cleared, you can request processes on all of the environments in the pipeline.

    Note: In a situation where multiple process requests queue up waiting to run, only the last request for the process runs in the target environment, and the earlier ones are ignored.

    Auto promote Select this option to automatically promote the application to the next environment after the process successfully completes for the first environment.

    If each promotion is successful, the promotion continues automatically from environment to environment until the last one in the pipeline. The Promote button is not available for environments in an automatically promoted pipeline.

    If several requests are coming to the same environment, pipeline execution request operations are not queued. Requests run for each process, and they may be done in parallel on the same environment.

    Note: In a situation where multiple requests for the same process are done before execution in an environment, only the last request for the process runs, and the earlier ones are ignored.

  4. Click Save.

    To configure the pipeline you just created, click Build Out.

Configure a pipeline

After creating a pipeline, define its sequence of environments.

To configure a pipeline:

  1. Navigate to Management > Pipelines > [select pipeline].

  2. In the Pipeline tab, click Add/Remove Environments.

  3. In the Pipeline dialog box, drag available environments to the Pipeline Environments section.

  4. (Optional) To rearrange environments, drag them to different positions in a sequence.

  5. (Optional) To remove an environment, drag it out of the pipeline.

  6. Click Save.

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