Data Collection FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions on the data collected.

  1. How does Micro Focus collect information?

    If authorized through the data collection option, your Deployment Automation server automatically collects Deployment Automation usage data and sends that information to the Micro Focus data collection server. It also suggests server and agent upgrades for which your implementation is eligible. For details, see Suggestions for upgrade.

  2. What information does Micro Focus collect?

    For details about user statistics collected, see Data collected. For details about global server and agent upgrade eligibility, see Upgrade Eligibility Information Collected.

  3. Who can see the collected data?

    This server is stored on a Micro Focus data collection server and is visible only to authorized Micro Focus employees.

  4. Will Micro Focus collect information if I say No?

    Micro Focus collects statistics only for those users who authorize it to do so by clicking Yes when prompted at login, or by selecting the Allow Data Collection option in their user profile Preferences. If any user agrees to data collection, Micro Focus will detect server and agent data for upgrade eligibility suggestions.

  5. How often will Micro Focus collect information?

    Data is collected for each user's usage and sent to the data collection server once a week.

  6. Will it slow down my server?

    The data collection happens only once a week, and only a limited amount of data is sent. This shouldn't cause any performance degradation on your server.

  7. Can I turn it off if I said Yes?

    If you consent to data collection and then change your mind later, you can turn off data collection anytime through your user Preferences.

  8. Can I turn off the reminder?

    If you click Ask again later, you will receive weekly reminders. To turn off the reminder, answer No the next time you are reminded.

  9. Will Micro Focus save my personal information?

    No, the data is sent anonymously and contains encoded information. Although each user must authorize the sending of the data on his or her behalf, the data sent doesn't contain any identifying information that could be used to tie the sessions back to a particular user ID or IP address.

  10. Why does Micro Focus collect my IP address?

    Micro Focus may use the IP address of your Deployment Automation server for statistical roll-up of information over time to determine numbers of servers being used as single servers or active-active configurations.

  11. Is it secure?

    Yes, the connection sends data to a secure Micro Focus server. It collects information about the use of Deployment Automation only for the particular users who authorized it. It does not collect or send usage information for individual Deployment Automation users other than the ones who have authorized it.

  12. What does Micro Focus use this information for?

    Micro Focus uses the information to help improve Deployment Automation. By understanding how users work with Deployment Automation, the development team can prioritize the most-used areas of the product for enhancements and maintenance.

  13. Does Micro Focus sell the data?

    Micro Focus doesn't sell the data. It uses the collected data only as stated.

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