Deployment results in e-mail notifications

Configuring email notification schemes enables you to send deployment results to the email IDs of users with the selected roles as follows:

  • The body of a notification email shows the details and the success or failure status of the deployment for each target.
  • If the email notification scheme is configured to attach logs, the email notification includes a log file for each target that shows the success or failure status of each step.

Attached log files may be compressed into a zip file depending on whether the maximum archival level is met by the number of log files to attach. The zip file includes a directory for each target with subdirectories for the log files for each step.

The log file naming convention and structure are as follows:

  • If the log files are not zipped, they have the following naming convention:


    Example: 1_Download Artifacts_SUCCEEDED.txt

  • If the log files are zipped, each zip file is named the same as the corresponding application process and has the following structure and naming convention:
        ComponentVersionName (if more than one version is deployed)

    Example: Zip file name: helloWorld App

    Zip file contents:

    1_hello_worldInstall\test_agent1\1_Download Artifacts_SUCCEEDED.txt

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