Import the Dimensions CM sample environment

For the quickest and most reliable implementation, import the sample environment and application and modify the properties to suit your needs.

Before you can import the sample application processes, first import the environment that is associated with the application.

One sample environment, UAT, is provided to use with all of the sample applications. If you have already imported the environment to use with one of the other sample applications, don't import it again.

To import the sample UAT environment:

  1. Navigate to the directory location where you downloaded the plugin bundle.

  2. Extract the following JSON file if it is not already extracted: Sample UAT.json

  3. To change the name of the environment to be imported, open the environment JSON file and change the name and description to whatever you want to call your environment.

  4. To import the environment:

    1. In Deployment Automation, navigate to Management > Environments.
    2. Click Import.

    3. Click Choose File and browse to the path of the Sample UAT.json file.

    4. Click Import.

The environment is now listed in your environments page under the name you specified.

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