Property Picker

A typical DA environment may contain hundreds of properties. You do not have to remember the names of all properties, instead use the property picker to find and select them. The picker displays properties:

  • alphabetically in ascending order.
  • that are based on your current context and any linked context.
  • for which you have security permission.

You can use the property picker in the:

  • Process designer
  • Process wizard
  • Properties editor

Note: The first time that you start a new DA server, the properties are indexed and the picker may take a while to display. In subsequent start ups the property picker is available immediately. To disable the property picker, navigate to Administration > System > System Settings.

Using the property picker

  1. To invoke the property picker, in a properties field do one of the following:

    • Enter: ${
    • Press the Control and Space keys together.

    The picker opens and displays a list of all available properties.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To find a property, scroll down the list.
    • To search for a property, start typing its name after the ${ characters. The list displays all the properties that match the string, for example:

      • To search for all properties that have 'da' in their name, type: da
      • To narrow the list and search for agent properties that have 'da' in their name, type: agent.da or agent/da
  3. To close the property picker, enter } or press ESC.