View an application process request

As you run processes, you can view application process request details in context.

To open the application request details:

  1. Navigate to Management > Applications > [select application].
  2. Select the History tab.
  3. Select the Deployment History tab.
  4. Locate the application in the list of processes and click View Execution Details.

    Note: The process list item indicates the environment in which the process was run.

The following image shows application process request details for a selected environment:


To repeat the process request using the same options, click Repeat Request.

On the Application Process Request page, the tabs display the following information:

Tab Description

Displays the results of each process step.

On the Log tab you can:

  • Expand process steps to see information about each step and link to additional information.
  • Click a resource name to go that resource's page.
  • Click a version name to go to the component version's Artifacts tab where you can view and download the artifacts for this version.
  • Click Details to see the step-by-step breakdown of the execution.
Properties Displays the properties used in the process.
Manifest Displays the artifacts deployed by the process.

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