Manage external source configuration types

External source configuration types (SCTs) enable integration with third-party sources from which you can load artifacts into Deployment Automation.

To load, remove, and view information about external source configuration types, navigate to Automation > Source Config Types in the Deployment Automation web interface.

Considerations for working with external SCTs:

  • External source configuration types enable closer interaction between Deployment Automation and the tool accessed by the source configuration type. If the Copy to CodeStation option is not selected for these types, you can use the corresponding plugin to download artifacts directly from that tool.

  • Custom source configuration types can be developed by Java programmers using the external source configuration type architecture.

    For details about developing custom external source configuration types, see Create source configuration types.

Note: By default, Deployment Automation provides a set of built-in source configuration types. They include external and non-external source configuration types and are automatically available when creating components. For details, see Source configuration types.

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