SQL*Plus plugin

SQL*Plus provides access to the Oracle database using the command line to enter SQL, PL/SQL, SQL *Plus and operating system commands.

The SQL*Plus plugin enables Deployment Automation to run SQL scripts during a deployment.

To use the plugin steps, open your process and navigate toDatabase > SQLPlus in the Tools pane.

This plugin has the Run SQLPlus Script step for you to add to your processes.

Run SQLPlus Script step

Use this step to run a SQLPlus script.

Note: We recommend that you use this step when you are running an SQL script to create an Oracle function.

The following table describes the step's properties:

Property Name Description
SQLPlus Executable The full path to the sqlplus executable, the scripts to be run, or the command to be run, if it is on the path.
Username The username used to run the scripts.
Password The password of the user.
Connection ID The connection ID to be used, for example, localhost:1521/ORCL.
SQL Files A newline-separated list of SQL files to be executed. Order is preserved. Supports the * and ? characters as wildcards.
Oracle Home (Optional) The ORACLE_HOME environment variable value.

For information about SQL*Plus, see the SQL*Plus® User's Guide and Reference.

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