File System (Basic)

The File System (Basic) source configuration type is implemented as an external type.

When you select File System (Basic) for Source Config Type, Deployment Automation imports all contents of a designated directory from the file system as follows:

  • At import, imports everything in the given base path, including all files at the base path level, its subdirectories, and all files in all of its subdirectories.
  • If you specify the Version Name Pattern and Next Version Number, Deployment Automation auto-increments version numbers and assigns them as the component version names. With this option, you can use Import Versions Automatically or import manually.
  • If you do not specify a version name pattern, you must manually import the component version, and you will be prompted to enter a version name at the time of manual import. The Import Versions Automatically option, if selected, is ignored.

File System (Basic) Source Fields Table

Field Description
Base Path Base path for artifact storage.
Always Use Name Pattern When selected, the Version Name Pattern will be used for new version names at the time of import. If this is not selected, the user is prompted for the version name at the time of import.
Version Name Pattern An optional field to create a template for automatic version names. Use ${version} to reference the Next Version Number field.
Next Version Number An integer used for the next version created. This number is automatically incremented for every version created.
Preserve Execute Permissions When enabled, file execute permissions are saved with the files.
Use Latest Component Properties for Version Download

If this is selected, the current component properties are used to download this component's version artifacts in Versions > Artifacts. You should deselect this if the component's storage location or connection details have changed since the version artifacts you want to download were imported, so that the component properties that were set when the version was created are used instead. For more details on maintaining versions externally, seeImport component versions.

Copy to CodeStation

This option, selected by default, creates a tamper-proof copy of the artifacts and stores them in the embedded artifact management system, CodeStation. For optimal use of Deployment Automation, the check box should be selected.

If you deselect Copy to Codestation for this source configuration type, pointers to versions are saved in Deployment Automation rather than the versions themselves. This enables you to track the versions, but limits some functionality in Deployment Automation. For more details on maintaining versions externally, see Import component versions.