Configure the Auto-Select for Export option

This topic explains how to modify the default setting that controls the environment selection for the replication export.

Environment export setting overview

When you create or edit an environment, you specify the Auto-Select for Export option, which adds the environment to the list of environments to export in the replication export wizard.

By default, the Auto-select for Export option is selected. For the option to be cleared by default, modify your server settings.

The Auto-select for Export option can be selected or cleared in the environment details regardless of the setting of this flag. This simply controls the default setting. For details, see Create environments.

Tip: If you export most or all the environments during replication export, leave this flag set to true to make the selection faster when you go through the replication export wizard. To export only a few environments with any extra choices being explicitly added to the selection list in the export wizard, set this flag to false. For example, to select only preproduction and production environments for replication, and leave out others, setting this to false may be the better choice for you.

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Modify the default Auto-Select for Export setting

To configure the default setting of the Auto-Select for Export option:

  1. Navigate to the Common Tomcat da\WEB-INF\classes directory, for example:

    C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\common\tomcat\8.5\webapps\da\WEB-INF\classes

  2. Open the da_config.xml file. This file contains your current import and export settings.

    Note: Deployment Automation contains two da_config.xml files, one in the web application and one in the user profile. Every DA server upgrade restores the web application's da_config.xml settings to default. To make your changes permanent, copy the settings from the web application to the DA user profile and configure them there.

  3. Copy the <importExportConfig> settings from the da_config.xml file:




  4. Navigate to the DA user profile directory where the DA server configuration is stored, for example:


  5. Open the da_config.xml file in the user profile directory and paste the copied <importExportConfig> settings there.

  6. Change the environment export flag default value, <envAuto-select for ExportFlagDefValue>, to false:

       <envAuto-select for ExportFlagDefValue>false</envAuto-select for ExportFlagDefValue>
  7. Save your changes.

  8. Restart Common Tomcat.

    The Auto-select for Export option for environments is now cleared by default.

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