Install agents from a command prompt

This topic explains how to install agents from a command-line interface. You can use it as an alternative to the interactive agent installer.

Windows 32-bit (DA 6.2.1 and later) and HP-UX: Command-prompt installation is the only available method for installing agents.

To install an agent from a command prompt:

  1. From the Deployment Automation support page, download and extract this file: microfocus_da-other<version>.zip.
  2. Extract this file:
  3. Open a command prompt.
  4. From the command prompt, navigate to the directory with the installation files.
  5. Run one of these script files:

    • On Windows, as a local system user: install-agent.bat
    • On UNIX/Linux, as a user with full access rights to the installation location:
  6. Follow the instructions at the command prompt.

For this method of installation, you need to install the agent's JRE manually.

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