Modify the default approval waiting period

This topic explains how to change the default approval waiting period in your server configuration.

When you choose to close pending approval requests, only the requests older than the approval waiting period are closed. By default, the waiting period is set to 30 days. To modify the default setting, edit the approvals configuration in the server's da_config.xml file.

For details on closing pending requests, see Approve requests.

To modify the default approval waiting period:

  1. Navigate to the Common Tomcat da\WEB-INF\classes directory, for example:

    C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\common\tomcat\8.5\webapps\da\WEB-INF\classes

  2. Open the da_config.xml file. This file contains your current approvals configuration settings.
  3. Copy the <approvalsConfig> settings from the da_config.xml file:




  4. Navigate to the DA user profile directory where the DA server configuration is stored, for example:


  5. Open the da_config.xml file in the DA user profile and paste the copied <approvalsConfig> settings there.

    Note: Every DA server upgrade restores the web application's da_config.xml settings to default. You need to add and configure these settings in the DA user profile directory to make them permanent.

  6. Edit the <approvalsConfig> settings in the da_config.xml file. Change the <pendingApprovalRequestClosePeriodInDays> value to a new number of days.

    Use this example of approvals configuration settings, where the default value is set to 20 days:

  7. Save your changes.
  8. Restart Common Tomcat.

When you decide to close pending approvals in the Deployment Automation user interface, the system will display the updated approval waiting period by default.

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