Child Relay Installation

You can connect an agent relay to a DA server through another agent relay.

  1. Perform a normal installation of an agent relay.
  2. After the installation has finished, open this file: <relay_installation>\conf\
  3. Specify values for the following properties:

    • agentrelay.http_proxy.parent_proxy_host The IP or hostname of the parent agent relay.
    • agentrelay.http_proxy.parent_proxy_port The http proxy port of the parent agent relay. Default: 20080
    • agentrelay.jms_proxy.server_host The IP or hostname of the parent agent relay.
    • agentrelay.jms_proxy.server_port The port the parent agent relay uses for JMS communication. Default: 7916


  • Only one level of connection is supported. The connection will look like this: DA server <-> Agent relay 1 (parent) <-> Agent relay 2 (child) <-> Agent
  • Unidirectional communication is only supported for parent agent relays.
  • The maximum number of agent that can connect to child relays is 500. Exceeding this number may cause connectivity issues.