Deployment Package Inventory

When you deploy using a deployment package, the inventory is tracked in the deployment package and in included applications.

Select a deployment package Inventory tab to see the environment inventories that have been updated using that deployment package.

  • For application processes, the inventory is taken from the application.
  • A deployment package process execution updates both deployment package and application inventory. However, an application process executed outside of a deployment package updates only the application process. If an application process contained in a deployment package process is executed outside of the deployment package, it will appear as non-compliant in the deployment package.
  • For component processes, the inventory is created.
  • If a component version with different statuses or different component versions are deployed on the same environment, the one with the later date overrides earlier versions.
  • Inventory for a deployment package is compliant for an environment only if all mapped resources for that environment are compliant.

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