Upgrade agents

This topic explains how to upgrade agents and their JREs to the latest version of Deployment Automation.

Сonsiderations and limitations

When preparing to upgrade Deployment Automation agents, take into account:

  • The agent installer does not upgrade agents.
  • Deployment Automation 4.5 and later: Agents use Java 6 or later. You can upgrade the Java 6 or later agents from the user interface.
  • Agents 4.0.1 and earlier that use Java 5 cannot be upgraded. Most of the new functionality does not work with them. Uninstall the Java 5 agents and then install agents that use Java 6 or later.
  • z/OS agent: The option of upgrading the z/OS agent from Deployment Automation is not available.
  • Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, and zOS systems: The option of upgrading the agent's JRE from the user interface is not available (displayed as inactive). You need to update the JRE files manually.
  • JDK: Deployment Automation doesn't support full JDK upgrade for agents. Because JRE and JDK use different artifacts, JDK artifacts might not be deleted when you attempt to remove the old JDK (by selecting the Remove Current Agent JRE option) and upgrade to the latest JRE from the user interface.
  • Each Deployment Automation release includes a newer JRE version that contains improvements and security fixes. We strongly recommend that you upgrade JREs together with agents so that JREs are always up to date.

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Upgrade agents and JREs

Upgrade agents after you perform the server upgrade or as soon as agent updates are available.

For Windows and Linux, you can also upgrade the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on each agent.

To upgrade agents and JREs:

  1. Check that the agents you plan to upgrade are online.
  2. In Deployment Automation, navigate to Management > Resources.
  3. Select the Agents tab.

  4. (Optional) If any agents are eligible for upgrade in the Upgrade Status column, review any important messages indicated by the messages icon image.

    The upgrade status is displayed only if you enabled Check for Update. For details, see Data Collection and Check for Update.

  5. Select one or more agents and click Upgrade Selected Agents.

    To upgrade a single agent, click the Upgrade icon next to the agent.

    If an agent is not eligible for upgrade through the user interface, neither the check box nor the Upgrade icon are displayed.

  6. In the upgrade dialog box, ensure that the Upgrade Agent check box is selected.
  7. To upgrade the current JRE used by each agent, select Upgrade JRE. Additional fields are displayed.

    Take into account that Oracle charges for using JREs.

    Note: If you are using an unsupported JRE version, Deployment Automation will require you to upgrade it. In this case, the Upgrade JRE check box is displayed as preselected and inactive. This option works only if you enabled Check for Update. For details, see Data Collection and Check for Update.

  8. From the Supported JREs list, select the JRE version to which you want to upgrade. By default, the only available option is the version distributed with the server release.

    You can add other JREs to use on the agents. For details, see Configure custom JREs for agents.

  9. To remove the JRE currently installed on each agent, select Remove Current Agent JRE.

  10. Click Upgrade.

    Deployment Automation runs a sequence of upgrade steps displayed in the Status column: Upgrading JVM — Removing old JVM — Upgrading agent.

    This sequence ensures that the old JRE is deleted only after DA installs the new version and restarts the agent to make sure that the new JRE works.

  11. (Optional) To view the upgrade steps in detail, open the agent's Upgrade Log:
    1. Navigate to Management > Resources > Agents.
    2. Select the agent.
    3. Select the Upgrade Log tab.

The process of upgrading the agent's java version is managed by the DA Agent Upgrade plugin integrated into Deployment Automation. To view the plugin's steps and usage, navigate to Administration > Automation > Plugins and select DA Agent Upgrade from the list.

Note: By default, the server waits 180 seconds for each step of the agent upgrade to complete. To extend or reduce this timeout period, modify the runningUpgradeTimeoutInSec value in the server's da_config.xml file. For details, see Configure an agent-initiated agent status check.

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Update the Windows service for DA agent JRE

If the Windows service for the agents was installed manually, you can optionally update the JRE for the service after upgrading the Deployment Automation agent.

To update the JRE for the agent Windows service:

  1. Open this file in a text editor: <agent home>/conf/agent/installed.properties

    where <agent home> is the DA agent directory.

  2. Add this property: locked/agent.service.name=<service name>

    where <service name> is the name of the Windows service.

    Without this property, the agent will continue to use the old JRE after the JRE upgrade.

Note: The JRE for the Windows service for DA agents is not updated when an agent is started using a script.

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