Web UI roles and UI security

Web UI roles determine which parts of the Deployment Automation web interface users can access. You can restrict any page or product area.

UI security permissions

The following table describes permissions for each page or product area.

Permission Description
Applications Grants access to the Applications page.
Clean Execution History Grants access to the Clean Execution History action item on the Administration page.
Components Grants access to the Components page.
Configuration Grants access to the Configuration page.
Dashboard Grants access to the Processes overlay.
Deployment Calendar Grants access to the Calendar page.
Deployment Packages Grants access to the Deployment Packages page.
Environments Grants access to the Environments page.
Pipelines Grants access to the Pipelines page.
Reports Grants access to the Reports page.
Relays Grants access to the Relays page.
Resources Grants access to the Resources page.
Settings Grants access to the System Settings page.
Work Items Grants access to the Approval Requests overlay.

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Add members to Web UI roles

To add members to user interface roles:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Security.

  2. Select the UI Security tab to view all defined roles.

    The following table describes default permission settings for the user interface roles.

    Role Default permissions
    Admin Can access all pages except Clean Execution History.
    Approver Can access the Reports pages, Approval Requests, and Processes.
    Configuration Engineer Can access all pages except Calendar and Approval Requests.
    Deployment Engineer Can access the Reports and Calendar pages and the Approval Requests and Processes overlays.
  3. Click the Add Member icon next to a role. The Add Role Members dialog box opens.

  4. Select one or more groups and click Add.

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