What's new in 6.3.2

This topic describes the features and enhancements introduced in Deployment Automation 6.3.2.

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User interface and usability

The following features are now available from the user interface:

Enhancement Description
JRE upgrade from the DA user interface You can now upgrade JREs from the Deployment Automation user interface. Upgrade them separately or together with the agents on which they're installed. For details, see Upgrade agents and JREs.

You can also add custom JREs to be used by agents. For details, see Configure custom JREs for agents.
Time zone in schedules

When scheduling deployments, blackouts, or cleanups, you can now set the time zone to which Deployment Automation will bind your schedule.

For details, see the following topics:

The Most Recent section The Most Resent section is back in the menu.

From this section, you can access up to 10 most recently used entities (applications, components, component templates, global processes, deployment runs, global environments, pipelines, agents, agent pools, agent relays, resources, and resource groups).

To view the Most Recent section, click the navigation button image in the main menu.

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The following integrations enhancements are available:

Enhancement Description
PostgreSQL support DA now supports the PostgreSQL open-source relational database management system.

For details, see Prepare your database.
Improved DA integration with TeamCity We improved the process of publishing and deploying versions into Deployment Automation from TeamCity.

Now the system verifies the name of a component you specified. If a component is inactive or doesn't exist, the system displays an error when you try to save the build step.

For details, see Deployment Automation plugin for TeamCity.

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Security and access

The following security and access improvements are available:

Enhancement Description
Passwordless SSH impersonation Agents on UNIX and Linux can use passwordless SSH impersonation.

For details, see Use passwordless SSH impersonation on UNIX/Linux.
Security upgrades Many third-party libraries with identified vulnerabilities are upgraded to the most recent and secure versions.

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Defect fixes

For a list of defect fixes in each release, see the Knowledge Base:

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