What's new in 6.3.5

This topic introduces the new features and enhancements available in Deployment Automation 6.3.5.

Note: The Help Centers for Deployment Automation versions 6.3.3 to 6.3.5 are streamlined into a single Help Center. Any version-specific changes are indicated where relevant.

To view enhancements for versions 6.3.3 and 6.3.4, see What's new in 6.3.3 and What's new in 6.3.4.

JRE 11 support for z/OS agents

Now that Java 11 is delivered on z/OS, you can upgrade a Deployment Automation z/OS agent to use JRE 11.

To upgrade a z/OS agent, uninstall your current agent and install the latest agent version. For details, see Install and configure z/OS agent.

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Security enhancements

The following third-party potential security vulnerabilities were resolved in this release:

  • CVE-2021-43859

  • CVE-2020-36518

  • CVE-2022-27404

  • CVE-2022-27406

  • CVE-2022-27405

For details about common vulnerabilities, see the National Vulnerability Database.

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Fixed issues

The following issues were resolved in this release:

ID Summary
OCTD42M441039 Solaris SPARC: Upgrading an agent from the user interface didn't work because of incorrect JRE restrictions.

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