DA Resource plugin

The DA Resource plugin enables you to create and manage Deployment Automation resources.

Resources represent deployment targets, such as a physical machines, virtual machines, databases, and J2EE containers. For details, see Manage resources.

To use the DA Resource plugin's steps, open the process designer and select DA > Resources in the Tools pane.

This plugin has the following steps to add to processes:

  • Create Resource
  • Add Resource to Group
  • Create Resource Group
  • Create Dynamic Resource Group
  • Add Name Condition To Group
  • Add Property Condition To Group
  • Set Agent Property
  • Set Resource Property
  • Set Resource Role Property
  • Check If Resource Has Role
  • Add Role To Resource
  • Remove Role From Resource
  • Delete Resource Group
  • Delete Resource
  • Delete Agent
  • Delete Many Resources
  • Delete Many Agents
  • Get Agent Property
  • Get Resource Property
  • Get Resource Role Property
  • Delete Resource Inventory For Component
  • Check If Resource Exists
  • Add User To Role For Resource
  • Add Group To Role For Resource
  • Get Component Version For Resource
  • Wait For Resources
  • Add User To Role For Resource Group
  • Add Group To Role For Resource Group

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