Informatica plugin

Use the Informatica plugin during deployments to migrate Informatica configurations, run scripts against the Informatica server, and create and deploy groups.

To use the plugin's steps, open the process designer and navigate to Middleware > Business Intelligence > Informatica in the Tools pane.

This plugin has the following steps for you to add to your processes:

Step Description
Apply Label Use this step to apply a label to object on the target server.
Create Dynamic Deployment Group Create a dynamic deployment group and populate it using a named query.
Create Static Deployment Group Create a static deployment group and add Informatica workflows to it.
Deploy Deployment Group Deploy a deployment group from one server to another.
Import Objects Import objects from XML files. This step automatically adds the connect and exit commands and generates the control files.
Roll Back Deployment Group Roll back a deployment of a deployment group.
Run PMREP Command Run the pmrep command-line program with the commands given to pmrep defined in this step. This step automatically adds the connect and exit commands.
Validate Deployment Group Validate a deployed deployment group on the target server.

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