JFrog Artifactory plugin

The JFrog Artifactory plugin enables you to download artifacts from local Maven or NuGet repositories managed by Artifactory.

Note: To get versions from a virtual Artifactory repository, use the Download Artifacts step of the DA VFS plugin. You can download only the versions created with DA 6.3.3 and later. To work with local Artifactory repositories, we recommend that you use the DA VFS plugin instead of the JFrog Artifactory plugin.


When using the JFrog Artifactory plugin, take into account:

  • To download files from Artifactory, the Artifactory plugin works together with the Artifactory source configuration type. For details, see Artifactory SCT.
  • To download artifacts using the Artifactory plugin and the Artifactory source configuration type, verify that the Copy to CodeStation option is not selected for the component.
  • If the Copy to CodeStation option is selected, you cannot download versions through the Artifactory plugin and must use the DA VFS plugin instead. For details, see DA VFS plugin.

Note: To use a Maven repository rather than use Maven through Artifactory, see Apache Maven plugin. The Artifactory plugin doesn't work for downloading Maven artifacts stored in a Maven repository.

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Download Artifacts step

The Download Artifacts step imports artifacts from a local Maven or NuGet repository managed by Artifactory.

To add the step to a process, open your process and navigate to Repositories > Artifact > Artifactory in the Tools pane.

To download component versions through the Artifactory plugin, ensure that the component has at least one version, with or without artifacts.

To access the Artifactory server, the system uses the Username and Password provided for the component Artifactory Source Config Type. For details, see Artifactory SCT.

Note: Although properties are defined for the plugin, they are hidden by default, and the default values variables point to the component's Artifactory source config property values.

The properties for the step are set automatically.

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