Demote Baseline Step

This step demotes the Dimensions CM baseline to the specified stage.

Required connection properties:

Property Description
User ID ID of the Dimensions CM user.
Password Password of the Dimensions CM user.
Server Host name or IP address of the Dimensions CM server.
DB name DB name for the Dimensions CM server.
DB connection DB connection for the Dimensions CM server.

Other required properties:

Property Description
Product name The name of the product in Dimensions CM.
Baseline name The name of the baseline in Dimensions CM.

Optional properties:

Property Description
Project name

The name of the project in Dimensions CM.

Target stage The stage to which the baselines is moved, or demoted. If the value is empty, the baseline is demoted to the previous stage.
Deploy Select this field if you want automatic deployment to be performed with the demotion. Default value: True (Selected).
Area names

The list of areas to which the baseline is deployed. Specify multiple areas as a new-line separated list. If the ALL value is specified (default), deployment is performed on all the areas.

Reason Comment that describes the reason for the demotion.
Wait Wait until Dimensions CM finishes processing in batch mode for this step and returns the result, or times out, before continuing with the next process step.
Timeout Time to wait until step completion, in milliseconds. A value of -1 (default) means the step waits for 24 hours.

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