Move Directory Step

This step moves the contents from one directory to another.

Required properties:

Property Name Description
Source Directory The directory to move.
Destination Directory The directory to which to move.
Include Files

Specify a new-line separated list of file/directory patterns to include.

Pattern Matching Rules:

* matches zero or more characters

? matches one character

** matches zero or more directories


*.java - matches .java,, and

?.java - matches,

**/*.txt - matches all txt files recursively.

**/CVS/* - matches all files in CVS directories anywhere in the directory tree.

org/apache/jakarta/** - matches all files in the org/apache/jakarta directory tree.

org/apache/**/CVS/* - matches all files in CVS directories anywhere in the in the directory tree under org/apache/.

Optional properties:

Property Name Description
Exclude Files Specify a new-line-separated list of file/directory patterns to exclude. Pattern matching rules are the same as those listed in Include Files.
Rename Rules

Specify rules for renaming files in the destination directories. Each rule must be on a separate line in the format FROM->TO.


a.txt->b.txt (Renames files named a.txt to b.txt).

*.java->*.java.bak (Renames all files ending with .java to end with .java.bak).

Rules are applied in the order that they are given. A file has at most one rule applied to it.