Nolio Get Process Tags Step

The Get Process Tags step returns a list of tag names associated with the specified process on the Nolio server.

Required connection properties:

Property Name Description
Nolio Server URL

The URL to the Nolio server in the following format:


User The username for accessing the Nolio server.
Password The password of the Nolio user.

Other required properties:

Property Name Description
Application The Nolio application name to which the Nolio environment is linked.
Environment The Nolio environment name to which the Nolio process is linked.
Process The full name of the Nolio process.

Optional properties:

Property Name Description
User Intervention Required

Controls whether the information returned from this step is displayed in a dialog box upon successful execution of the containing process, enabling you to select specific information to be used in subsequent process steps.

This option is set to true by default, and is implicitly required because there is no way to select the information without it.