PVCS VM plugin

PVCS Version Manager (PVCS VM) is a source revision control tool. The PVCS VM plugin provides support for checking out from PVCS.

Before you begin

To use the PVCS VM plugin, complete the prerequisite tasks described in this section.

Before you can use the plugin:

  1. Verify that your Deployment Automation user role allows you to manage plugins. For details, see Server roles and system security.

  2. Download the Deployment Automation plugin bundle, extract the PVCS VM plugin zip file from the bundle, and load the file into Deployment Automation. For details, see Load and upgrade plugins.

To use the plugin steps, open a component or global process and navigate to Repositories > Source > PVCS checkout in the Tools pane.

For details on creating processes, see Create and design component processes and Create and design global processes.

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Step: PVCS Export

Use this step to perform a PVCS checkout.

Required properties:

Property Description
PCLI Path The path to the PCLI executable.
Database Path The path to the PVCS database.
Base Path The base path of checked-out files.
Project Path The path to the PVCS project (folder) relative to the database.

Optional properties:

Property Description
Branch The branch from which to pull the latest files.
Label The label from which to pull the latest files.
Promotion Group The promotion group from which to pull the latest files.
Value for Clean Workspace If selected, all files are erased from the workspace before an export is performed.
User The authentication user.
Password The user's password.

Note: You must supply a Branch, Label, or Promotion Group property value, but only one of these properties should be used.

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