Add deployment package properties

Set deployment package properties so that you can then reference them in process steps.

If a deployment package is shared by multiple applications, and you want all or most of those applications to use the same value for a deployment package property, set the value at the package level. For more information, see How properties are resolved.

To create a deployment package property:

  1. Navigate to Management > Deployment Packages.

  2. Select your deployment package and click the Properties tab.

  3. Click Add Property. The Add Property dialog box opens.

  4. Specify the following details for the new property:

    Field Description
    Name Enter a name for the property.
    Description (Optional) Provide additional information for the property that may be specific to the environment.
    Label (Optional) Enter a label to be associated with the property in the user interface.
    Required Select this option if you want the property to be required.

    Select the type of expected value from the following options:

    • Text. Enables you to enter text characters. This is the default type.
    • Text area. Enables you to enter an amount of text.
    • Check box. Displays the check box. If selected, a value of true is used. Otherwise, the property is not set.
    • Select. Requires one or more values to be selected from the list. Enables a single selection.
    • Multi select. Requires one or more values to be selected from the list. Enables multiple selections.
    • Secure. Used for passwords. It is similar to Text, except the values are displayed obscured.
    Default Value Enter a default value (if any).
  5. Click Save.

    To create another property, click Save and New.

To edit a property, click the Edit icon next to the property.

To use a property in a deployment package process, reference it in a process step with the following syntax:

${p:<property name>}

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