Architecture overview

This section describes the Deployment Automation architecture and components.

Deployment Automation architecture

Deployment Automation architecture consists of clients, a service tier, a data tier, and local and remote agents.

Local agents communicate directly with the server, while remote agents communicate with the server through agent relays.

The following diagram displays the system architecture.

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Deployment Automation components

The following table provides links to a description of each component.

Component Description
Clients Deployment Automation includes a browser-based client and a command-line client.
See Clients.
Service tier The service tier's central server provides a web server front end and core services, such as workflow, agent management, deployment, inventory, and security.
See Service tier.
Data tier The data tier consists of a relational database and a file repository called CodeStation.
See Data tier.
Agents Agents are physical resources for executing processes, deployments, and other actions requested by Deployment Automation.
See Agent architecture.

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