Configure ChangeMan ZMF

For ALM Solutions Connector to work, you need to configure ChangeMan ZMF.

Add required startup parameters

To enable access to ALM Solutions Connector services, update the ChangeMan ZMF server with startup parameters.

These parameters are keyword options used with the SERNET started task. You can pass the parameters to SERNET in different ways. For details on setting SERNET parameters, see the ChangeMan ZMF documentation.

To set the startup parameters:

  • Add the CMN=(,XXXX) parameter to the ChangeMan ZMF startup, where XXXX is the SERNET TCP/IP port that processes SERNET requests.
  • Add the SERNET NTFYURL parameter. This parameter is required for notifying your integration when an ALF event is emitted from ChangeMan ZMF, which indicates that ChangeMan ZMF has completed a requested task. Specify the parameter as follows:



    • <connectorHostName> is the server name where your ALM Solutions Connector services are installed.
    • <port> is the port number for ALM Solutions Connector server.

    Note: The NTFYURL parameter is case-sensitive. Enter the non-variable text exactly as displayed, and make sure to include single quotation marks around the variable string.

  • To enable the changes, restart ChangeMan ZMF. Then verify that the CMN port has been started in the SERPRINT listing data set.

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Example ChangeMan ZMF startup parameters

The following example demonstrates the configuration of the ChangeMan ZMF startup parameters:

 *                    MY SERNET MODULE                            
 *               SUBSYSTEM ID 'A' (ALL SITE)                             
 * Please only activate (1)EventRouter at a time..Comment out the        
 * ones not in use. SERNET can only handle EventRouter.03/19/09 - JN     
 ESTAE=NO                         /* ESTAE RECOVERY                      
 CMN=(,5314)			  /* CHANGE MAN TCP/IP PORT NUMBER       
 SUBSYS=I                         /* CHANGE MAN SUBSYS ID                
 SDNOTIFY=H8                      /* WATCH-DOG TIMER                     
 EX003=N                          /* SERJES exit for security            
 AUTOMESSENGER=NOTIFY             /* ZDD, RLC notify                          
 XCH=6124,XCHMSG=6177             /* ZDD, RLC                                  

Caution: If your site is a DP site, you must set the same hostname and port in the NTFYURL parameter specified for the DP site and the P site. Otherwise, the P site continues to wake up looking for work and fill up the JESMSGLG (JES message log).

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Configure change packages in ChangeMan ZMF

Change packages and their related ChangeMan ZMF entities are accessed through the integration.

As part of your ongoing administration and use of ChangeMan ZMF, you need to configure in ChangeMan ZMF the following:

  • Applications

  • Sites

  • Change Packages

  • Approver lists

  • Promotion levels

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