Configure application hierarchy

You can configure properties, resources, and configuration templates directly through the application hierarchy on the Configuration page.

The following image displays the Configuration page:


To configure the application hierarchy:

  1. Navigate to Management > Configurations and select the sequence of the DA elements in the hierarchy:

    • Application / Component / Environment
    • Environment / Application / Component
    • Component / Application / Environment
  2. Search for the name of the application, component, or environment you want to configure.

    You can also filter the results by owner:

    • Filter owned by me
    • Filter owned by anybody
  3. Scroll the list to see the applications, components, and environments. The results are displayed based on the selected sequence, search key, and owner filter.
  4. Select the application, component, or environment you want to configure. The Properties window with the following tabs is displayed:

    • For applications: Properties.
    • For components: Properties, Environment Property Definitions, Version Property Definitions, and Templates (configuration templates).
    • For environments: Properties, Component Properties, and Resources (resources and resource groups).
  5. View the listing for your selection.
  6. To add properties or their values, add or remove resources, or create configuration templates, use the Edit, Add Property, Create, or Actions buttons available for your selection.

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