Default roles

Deployment Automation provides default roles mapped to product areas, and each role has a set of permissions relevant for the role.

You can create additional user-defined roles for a given product area and give those roles specific permissions.

Each product area has an Admin or Administrator role, with all the permissions available for that area.

Note: Deleting a default Admin role for one product area does not affect the Admin role for another area.

Default Admin role permissions

The following table lists the default Admin role permissions for each product area.

Product area Read Write Security Execute Manage Snapshots Run Component
Manage Versions Clean Execution
Agents X X X          
Applications X X X X X X    
Component Integrators X X X          
Component Templates X X X          
Components X X X X     X  
DA Server: See Server roles and system security.
Deployment Packages X X X X        
Environments X X X X        
Licenses X X X          
Pipelines X X X          
Processes X X X X        
Relays X X X          
Resources X X X X        
Web UI: See Web UI roles and UI security.

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