Step 10: Run the application process

Prerequisite: Step 9: Create and design an application process

This step explains how to run the application process that performs the helloWorld deployment.

To run the helloWorld application process:

  1. Navigate to Management > Applications > helloWorld_app.
  2. Under helloWorld_app, select the Environments tab.
  3. Click the DA_01 environment name and then select Run Process from the menu. The Run Application Process dialog box opens.
  4. In the Run Application Process dialog box, specify the final details:  

    Process Select the application process you created, helloWorld_AppProcess, and click Next.
    Options In the Version for helloWorld field, select Latest Version from the list to deploy the latest component version.
  5. Click Submit to run the application process request. The application's History page opens, displaying the deployment progress.

  6. After the process completes, you can review the results. If the deployment goes well, the Success message is displayed.
  7. (Optional) To view the deployment's output log, error log, or input and output properties:
    1. Under the Log tab, expand the helloWorld steps, and click Details in the last step. The component's History page opens, displaying information about the component process request.
    2. Under the Log tab, click the relevant icon in the list of steps.
  8. Check that the artifacts were transferred to the agent. Navigate to the target directory, TestDA_download, and verify that the files, TestArtifact01.txt through TestArtifact05.txt, are present.

You have successfully completed the helloWorld deployment. Well done!

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