Install more servers

This topic explains how to install additional Deployment Automation servers for a disaster recovery implementation.

Prerequisite: Install the first server

To install additional servers:

  1. UNIX/Linux: Make sure you have mounted the network share with the Deployment Automation profile:

    1. Open the /etc/fstab file for editing.

    2. Add a line for your profile share, for example:

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      //serverName/Temp/sharedProfile /mnt/localProfileDir cifs _netdev, 
      password=password,noserverino 0 0
    3. Save the file.

  2. Run the server installer and set the Server Install Location field to the shared Deployment Automation user profile.

  3. Select the optionUse existing settings so that the installation uses the same database as the first server.

After installing servers, install and configure agents. For details, see Disaster recovery configurations.

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