Edit and test component integrators

After a component integrator connects to the server, you can work with it in the Deployment Automation user interface.

For example, you may have installed a component integrator with a name that already exists, and want to change it. By default, Deployment Automation adds a numeric suffix to the conflicting name upon connecting the integrator.

You can perform the following operations with a component integrator:

  • Rename the component integrator.

  • Add a description.

  • Test the connection with the server.

  • Restart the component integrator.

  • Remove the component integrator.

To edit and test a component integrator:

  1. In Deployment Automation, go to Management > Component Integrators.

  2. In the list of component integrators, find the relevant integrator.

  3. To change the component integrator's name or description, click Edit next to the integrator. In the Create Component Integrator Pool dialog box, update the name and description, and click Save.

    Note: To rename a component integrator, it needs to be online.

  4. To test connectivity with the server, click Test . In the Connection Test dialog box, click Run Connectivity Test. The test results are displayed in the same dialog box.

  5. To restart the component integrator, click Restart and confirm.

  6. To remove the component integrator, click Remove and confirm. The integrator is disconnected from the server.

    Note: Removing a component integrator in the Deployment Automation user interface doesn't remove the component integrator's installed files.

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