Install the ALM Solutions Connector services

Before you can use the Deployment Automation ChangeMan ZMF plugin to access ChangeMan ZMF, you must install the ALM Solutions Connector services on the Deployment Automation application server.

Note: The ALM Solutions Connector services are supported only on a Common Tomcat application server.

To install the ALM Solutions Connector services:

  1. From the Software Licensing and Downloads portal (requires login), download the ALM Solutions Connector bundle zip file, for example, ZMF_bundle_<version>.zip.
  2. Extract the files from the zip file.
  3. Stop the Common Tomcat application server under which Deployment Automation is running.
  4. Copy the ALM Solutions Connector .war files to the application server location where the Deployment Automation da.war file is deployed. Default location:


    The ALM Solutions Connector .war files are as follows:

    • almzmf.war

    • almzmfalf.war

    • zmfws.war

    • almsernet.war

  5. Start Common Tomcat.

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