Install and configure z/OS agent

This topic explains how to install and set up a Deployment Automation agent on z/OS.

z/OS system requirements

Deployment Automation requires the following z/OS mainframe system environment:

  • Java 8 or 11, 64-bit

  • Java 11: z/OS Java Virtual Machine 16 (JVMLDM16)

    Java 8: z/OS Java Virtual Machine 86 (JVMLDM86)

To install, you need these names:

  • The PDS/E load library where JVMLDM is installed.
  • The UNIX directory where Java 64-bit is installed.

Note: ssh, sudo, or su impersonation is not available for the z/OS agent.

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Install z/OS agent

After you have prepared you z/OS environment, you can install the z/OS Deployment Automation agent.

To install the z/OS agent:

  1. From the Software Licensing and Downloads portal (requires login), download the z/OS agent installation package, for example, zos-agent-<version>.zip.
  2. Unpack the downloaded file. This creates a folder called zos-agent-install.
  3. Create the z/OS mainframe PDS dataset where to deploy the DA agent JCL procedure and batch job, for example:


  4. Edit the file to set values for the following z/OS installation properties:

    z/OS DA agent environment properties Agent name, for example, ZOS_DA-Agent.

    Home directory in which to install the agent, for example:

    /MicroFocus/DA-Agent Home directory where Java is installed.
    da.server.hostname Deployment Automation server host name.

    (Optional) Java virtual machine debug options, for example:

    "-Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,address=localhost:10001,server=y,suspend=n"

    (Optional) Java virtual machine debug options, for example:


    z/OS DA agent encoding properties
    zos.agent.stdout.encoding z/OS encoding used for plugin steps output, for example, Cp1047.
    zos.agent.console.encoding z/OS console encoding, for example, Cp1047.
    zos.agent.file.encoding z/OS file encoding, for example, Cp1047.
    z/OS connection properties
    zos.hostname The host name where to install the DA agent.
    zos.ftp.port The port used for FTP on z/OS.
    zos.ftp.userid The user that installs the DA agent into z/OS.
    zos.ftp.pwd: The user's password.

    z/OS DA agent Batch Job or Started Task properties

    The mainframe PDS dataset on which to deploy the batch or started task procedure and batch job, for example:


    the mainframe PDS dataset load library where the Java Virtual Machine module is installed, for example:


    zos.taskname The DA agent task name to use.
    zos.jobname The DA agent batch job name to use when the batch job is submitted.
    zos.jobclass The system job class assigned to the DA agent batch job. The class determines the dispatching priority of the batch job.
    zos.jobowner The job owner of the DA agent batch job. Specifies whether to run JZOS in LPA (true/false).

  5. Use the following command to deploy the z/OS agent to DA:

    Windows deploy-agent.bat
  6. Choose an installation option:

    installAgent Configure the DA agent properties based on information specified in Deploys the DA agent to z/OS.
    uninstallAgent Remove the DA agent from z/OS based on information specified in
    reinstallAgent Run uninstallAgent and then installAgent, as described above.
  7. To start the agent, run this z/OS command:

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    /S zos.taskname


    To stop the agent, run this z/OS command:

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    /P zos.taskname


    Replace zos.taskname with the DA agent task name specified in

  8. When running the agent as a started task, set a RACF STARTED profile:

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    RDEF STARTED procname*.* STDATA(USER(userid) TRUSTED(NO))
  9. When running with JZOS in LPA, run this command once per LPAR IPL:

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  10. To run the DA agent as a batch job, run this TSO command:

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    TSO SUBMIT 'zos.da.jcllib(zos.jobname)'


    Replace the zos.da.jcllib variable with the name of the mainframe PDS dataset where the DA agent procedure and batch job is installed, specified in

    Replace the zos.jobname variable with the name of the batch job specified in

    Verify that the owner or submitter of the z/OS DA agent batch job has full permission to access the z/OS DA agent home directory.

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