Reconfigure ChangeMan ZMF integration after server upgrade

For a working integration, whenever you upgrade the Deployment Automation server, you may need to reconfigure the ChangeMan ZMF and ALM Solutions Connector files in Deployment Automation.

After every server upgrade, verify that the following ChangeMan ZMF elements are present in the upgraded Common Tomcat webapps directory:

Element Location
The ALM Solutions Connector .war files ...\webapps
The ChangeMan ZMP plugin file, zmf-core-CURRENT.jar ...\webapps\da\WEB-INF\lib
The ZMFALFEventRouter servlet data in the web.xml file ...\webapps\da\WEB-INF\web.xml

Default locations of the webapps directory:

Windows C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\common\tomcat\<tomcat-version>
UNIX/Linux /opt/MicroFocus/da/common/tomcat/<tomcat-version>

If you can't locate the files, set up the integration on the Deployment Automation application server.

To reconfigure the integration after upgrading Deployment Automation:

  1. Install the ALM Solutions Connector services.

  2. Configure the integration files.

  3. If not loaded earlier, load the supported version of the ChangeMan ZMF plugin, for example,, into Deployment Automation. For details on how to add plugins, see Load and upgrade plugins.

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