Manage locks

This topic explains how to use locks in running processes.

Deployment Automation uses locks to ensure that processes do not interfere with one another. Normally, a lock is released as soon as it is no longer needed. Sometimes a lock is not released, and its associated process is unable to complete. The lock management feature enables you to quickly identify and resolve abnormal lock conditions.

A running process with a lock, like all active processes, is displayed with a status of Running. If a locked process takes longer to complete than expected, you can cancel the process or investigate it from the Locks page.

To manage locks:

  1. In Deployment Automation, navigate to Administration > Automation.

  2. Select the Locks tab. The Lock page opens.

    The following table describes the fields listed on the page:

    Field Description
    Name Identifies the lock. The name is defined in the lock step properties. The default name is made up of the object name + process name + resource name, with slight variations for deployment packages and global processes.
    Type Indicates the type of the process creating the lock: a component, application, deployment package, or global process.
    Component / Application / Deployment Package Displays the name of the object containing the lock. Click the link to open the corresponding page.
    Resource / Environment Displays the name of the resource or environment containing the lock. Click the link to open the Resources or Environments page.
    Process Displays the name of the process containing the lock. Click the link to open the process in the process designer.
  3. Resolve the lock by selecting one of the following actions:

    Action Description
    View Execution Details Displays the process log for the process containing the lock. View its details to see the name of the process step causing the lock.
    Release Releases the lock, which enables the associated process to continue processing.

If the Deployment Automation server or agents go down while a locked process is running, Deployment Automation automatically resumes any interrupted processes along with any locks they might contain after the service is restored.

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