Dimensions CM SCT

Use the Dimensions CM source configuration type (SCT) to load artifacts from a Dimensions CM repository.


The Dimensions CM source configuration type is implemented as an external type.

Note: The Dimensions CM source configuration type is not the same as the Dimensions CM plugin. Plugins are used in processes. For details, see Dimensions CM plugin.

To use Dimensions CM as an artifact source, select Dimensions from the Source Config Type list when creating a component. For details about creating components, see Create components.

Tip: Deployment Automation always takes the latest baseline during automatic import. Therefore, if there are three baselines A, B, and C (the latest), only C is imported. If you add baseline D, the system imports D, but not A and B. You have to manually import A and B.

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Dimensions CM SCT settings

To use the Dimensions CM source configuration type, specify the following settings:

Field Description

Enter the username to access Dimensions CM.

For details about configuring process steps for impersonation, see Use impersonation to run processes.

Password Enter the password associated with the Dimensions CM username.
DB Name

Enter the name of the Dimensions CM database. For example:


DB Conn

Enter the name of the Dimensions CM connection to use, for example:


A connection/session is required to send or receive commands to/from the database.


Specify the server managing the Dimensions CM database, for example:


Product Spec

Specify the location of the Dimensions CMartifacts, for example:



Specify patterns to match files to include in the upload. You can match exact file paths and file names, or you can specify wildcards. The default value is **/*, for all directories and files.

You can specify exact file path and file name combinations with one entry per line. For example,



You can specify wildcards to match directories and files. The wildcard ** indicates every directory, and the wildcard * indicates every file. For example, the pattern dist/**/* retrieves the entire file tree under the dist directory.


Specify patterns to match files to exclude from the upload. You can match exact file paths and file names, or you can specify wildcards. See the examples in the previous table entry.

Use Latest Component Properties for Version Download

(Optional) Select this option if you want Deployment Automation to use the current component properties instead of the properties that are set when the version is created.

Note: Component version properties are always preserved when a version is created.

Copy to CodeStation

(Optional) Use this option to create a tamper-proof copy of the artifacts and store them in the DA's embedded repository, CodeStation.

For optimal use of Deployment Automation, we recommend that this option is selected.

Clear the option to save pointers to versions rather than the versions themselves. This way, you can track versions and save space on your Deployment Automation server, but this limits your ability to download individual versions.

For details on maintaining versions in external sources, see CodeStation: maintain versions externally.

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