File System (Versioned) SCT

Use the File System (Versioned) source configuration type (SCT) to import subdirectories of a specified directory from the file system.

File System (Versioned) SCT overview

The File System (Versioned) SCT is implemented as an external type.

When you use the File System (Versioned) type, Deployment Automation imports the subdirectories of a designated directory from the file system as follows:

  • At import, imports only the subdirectories and contents of subdirectories. It does not include the contents directly in the base path.
  • The first level subdirectory in the base path becomes a component version and the version name is the name of the subdirectory.
  • It does not prompt for version name during manual import. Version naming is always automatic and is always the first subdirectory name.

To use this SCT, select File System (Versioned) as the Source Config Type when you create a component or component template. For details, see Create components.

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File System (Versioned) SCT settings

The following table describes the settings specific to the File System (Versioned) source configuration type.

Field Description
Base Path Path to directory containing artifacts. The content of each subdirectory within the base directory is considered a distinct component version. The subdirectory with the most recent time-stamp is considered the "latest version". But it is a good practice to name the subdirectories according to your version scheme, for example, v1.0, v1.1, or v1.2.
Preserve Execute Permissions When enabled, file execute permissions are saved with the files.
Use Latest Component Properties for Version Download

(Optional) Select this option if you want Deployment Automation to use the current component properties instead of the properties that are set when the version is created.

Note: Component version properties are always preserved when a version is created.

Copy to CodeStation

(Optional) Use this option to create a tamper-proof copy of the artifacts and store them in the DA's embedded repository, CodeStation.

For optimal use of Deployment Automation, we recommend that this option is selected.

Clear the option to save pointers to versions rather than the versions themselves. This way, you can track versions and save space on your Deployment Automation server, but this limits your ability to download individual versions.

For details on maintaining versions in external sources, see CodeStation: maintain versions externally.

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