Jenkins SCT

You can use Jenkins as an artifact source in Deployment Automation.

To set Jenkins as an artifact source:

  1. Install the Deployment Automation Jenkins plugin on your Jenkins system. The plugin is configured in Jenkins.

  2. After configuring the Deployment Automation Jenkins HPI (JPI) plugin, use Jenkins post-build steps to publish the built artifacts into the Deployment Automation CodeStation repository.

  3. To set Jenkins as an artifact source, select Jenkins from the Source Config Type list when creating a component in Deployment Automation. For details on creating components, see Create components.

    When you select Jenkins as the source configuration type, no additional fields are displayed. Selecting Jenkins in the Source Config Type is optional, as it simply indicates that you are using the plugin configured and running in Jenkins.

Note: The Jenkins source configuration type integration is not a Deployment Automation plugin. It is a Jenkins plugin.

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