Set role membership by product area

After you define roles, groups, and users, you then assign roles to groups or users for specific product areas.

Role membership guidelines

Review these guidelines for setting role membership in Deployment Automation:

  • For most product areas, you set roles in the Security tab for each specific product area and item.
  • System Security and UI Security roles are set in the Administration > Security options of the same names.
  • Environment and component security settings can be set at the direct object level and within the applications to which they are associated.

  • For component security, no matter whether you set the security on the component level or application component level, the settings are applied everywhere.
  • Environment security settings are handled as follows:

    • When an environment is associated with an application, the security that is set for the environment is inherited by the application environment.
    • After an environment is associated with an application, if the security is changed directly on the environment, the setting for the application environment is not affected.
    • If the security is changed for the application environment, the setting at the direct environment level is not affected.

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Assign roles to users and groups

To assign a role, select the role and add users or user groups to it.

To add groups or users to roles:

  1. In Deployment Automation, navigate to the Security tab for the product area for which you want to define security roles.

    For example, for agents or agent resources, navigate to Management > Resources. Select the Pools tab, select an agent pool, and select the Security tab.

    Exceptions are for Server Roles and Web UI Roles. For information on adding groups and users to these roles, see Server roles and system security and Web UI roles and UI security respectively.

  2. Select a role and click the Add Member button on the right.

  3. Select members from the eligible groups and users and then click Add.

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