Configure Nolio application

An application process is used to run your component processes. Most properties needed for the component processes are set at the application level because many properties are shared by multiple component processes.

Tip: For the quickest implementation, import the sample environment and application and modify the properties to suit your needs.

To configure the application:

  1. Create an application to contain your properties and component processes, or select an existing one. For example, Nolio Application.

  2. If you imported the sample application, edit the application and change its name and description to match your implementation's values.

  3. Add properties to your application that are common to all component processes, or modify the imported values to match your system information. For example, the connection information property values are as follows:

    • NOLIO_SERVER_URL: value <your server URL>
    • NOLIO_SERVICE_USER: value <your admin username>
    • NOLIO_SERVICE_PASSWORD: value <your admin password>
  4. Add the following processes to your application if they have not already been imported.

    • Get Applications
    • Get Environments
    • Get Processes
    • Get Process Tags
    • Get Server Types
    • Run Process
  5. In the application processes, add the properties to pass on to the component processes, or change the properties in the imported application. Most properties use variables, such as the following for Run Process:

    • Application: value ${p:NOLIO_APPLICATION}
    • Environment: value ${p:NOLIO_ENVIRONMENT}
    • Process: value ${p:NOLIO_PROCESS}
    • Process Tag: value ${p:NOLIO_PROCESS_TAG}
    • Servers: value ${p:NOLIO_SERVERS}
    • Parameters: value ${p:NOLIO_PARAMETERS}

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