Configure Nolio component processes

Design your Nolio component processes to include the necessary plugin steps. You can set up existing processes imported from JSON files or create processes manually.

The Nolio plugin must be loaded and available before you design a component process.

Tip: For the quickest implementation, import the sample environment and application and modify the properties to suit your needs.

To configure the Nolio component processes:

  1. Create a component to contain your component processes, or select an existing one. For example, Nolio Components.

  2. Add the following processes to your component if they have not already been imported.

    • Get Agents
    • Get Applications
    • Get Environments
    • Get Processes
    • Get Process Tags
    • Get Server Types
    • Run Process
  3. Specify variable values for each component process step property that is not set by the parent application properties.

  4. Ensure that any properties to be passed from the application processes are set to Set a value here. This way, those property values are replaced with the application properties passed to them.

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