View the environment inventory

The Deployment > Inventory page displays inventory information for each environment associated with the application.

The following image demonstrates the Inventory page:


On the Inventory page, with an application selected, you can:

  • Under Resources, get a quick view of the environment resources. In the environment box, click Resources > View Resources to open the resources tab for the environment.
  • Compare the inventories of up to four environments.
  • Use the search box to narrow down the selection of displayed components.
  • View the components and latest compliant version of each component. Click a component name to open the page for that component.
  • Click the version name to go to the component version's Artifacts tab, where you can view and download the artifacts for this version.
  • See whether each environment is compliant. An environment is compliant if the last requested processes were successfully executed in that environment.

This is a subset of the information displayed on the application's Environments page. For details, see Application environments.

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