You can use PVCS Version Manager as an artifact source in Deployment Automation.

To set PVCS as an artifact source, select PVCS from the Source Config Type list when creating a component in Deployment Automation. For details on creating components, see Create components.

PVCS settings

The following table describes the properties specific to the PVCS Version Manager source configuration type (SCT):

Field Description
PCLI Path Path to the PVCS CLI tool.
Database Path Path to the PVCS database.
Base Path Base path of the repository.
Project Path Path to the project.
Archive Path The location of the archive relative to the database path.
Includes The patterns to match files to upload. The wild card ** indicates every directory, and the wildcard * indicates every file. For example, the pattern dist/**/* retrieves the entire file tree under the dist directory.
Excludes The patterns to exclude files from the upload.
User PVCS username. For information about user impersonation, see Use impersonation to run processes.
Password Password associated with the PVCS username.
Always Use Name Pattern If this option is selected, the specified Version Name Pattern is always used. Not selected by default.
Version Name Pattern An optional template for automatic version names. Use ${version} to reference the Next Version Number field.
Next Version Number An integer used for the next version created. The number is automatically incremented for each version created.
Preserve Execute Permissions (Optional) Select this option to save file execute permissions along with the files.

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